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3M 94 Primer Double-sided Adhesive  Promoter 10ml (1 bottle)

3M 94 Primer Double-sided Adhesive Promoter 10ml (1 bottle)

SKU: BG011-2

100% high quality
Name: Adhesive
Features: Accelerate the initial viscosity of the tape and improve the adhesion
Specifications: 10ML
Weight: about 40 grams
Packing: glass bottle with brush inside
This product is a light yellow transparent liquid. In order to improve the bonding property, an adhesive applied on the surface of the adherend before the glue is applied. It acts with water molecules in the air to produce high adhesion and high temperature resistance, especially when used with foam tape, which provides excellent bonding. A strong adhesion promoter makes the double-sided adhesive stronger.
This product brings you a brand new experience, no longer worry about it, don't believe you try it! Double-sided adhesive aids mucus, scientific principles, specializing in all kinds of intractable diseases such as stickiness, so that you can't take it off! ! ! Note: 1 This product is not cleaned and should not be used incorrectly. 2 This product does not produce chemical reaction on the surface of paint, plastic, glass, metal, etc. Please feel free to use it. 3 This product has a certain viscosity in the initial state.

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