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JL Tail Light - Smoked Lens

JL Tail Light - Smoked Lens

SKU: JLED22-18
R6 880,00Price
  • ESCAPE IN STYLE - Climb out of the congestion of generic rides and escape to a higher elevation of style. Available with a clear, smoked, or blacked-out lens, our new tail lights raise your Wrangler JL above the rest.
  • CLIMB WITH CONFIDENCE -  Keep the adventure going with a tail light that never quits. Equipped with a lightweight, durable PC housing and a solid PMMA acrylic lens, these lights are fully prepared for every path you take.
  • IMPRESSIVE ABILITY - Lead the way with a set of tail lights that shine bright even in the worst weather. Our new LED tail lights feature an ultra-bright reverse light, integrated reflectors, and a built-in solution to eliminate EMI and flickering.
  • ONE & DONE - "Improvising, adjusting, trying 'til you get it right" - that’s fun when you're rock crawling, not when you're installing your tail lights. Skip the stress of a 'not quite right' install with our OEM-fit tail lights for Wrangler JL.
  • CAMPING IN THE RAIN - Keep the fog on the lake and out of your tail lights with our new waterproof tail lights. Boasting an impressive IP67 rating, these trail-ready tail lights turn every day into an excuse to play in the water.
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