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JK 2.5" Front & Rear 60mm 9-position Adjustable  Shocks

JK 2.5" Front & Rear 60mm 9-position Adjustable Shocks

SKU: LFK041-1
R11 250,00Price


  • Micro-Cellular closed cell foam insert maximises cooling efficiency by occupying less internal space than gas within a pressurised shock absorber.
  • Greater oil capacity and more surface area maintain lower operating temperatures.
  • 60mm TWIN TUBE BODY - 50%-100% more oil volume than a gas shock absorber for superior cooling and endurance.
  • Twin-tube construction protects internal components from rock damage.
  • 22 mm HARD CHROME PISTON ROD - Hardened and polished, volumetrically balanced to piston size.
  • 9 steps adjustment on softness or hardness comfortment.
  • LONG-TRAVEL - Suitable for standard and raised height vehicles, additional length increases wheel articulation.


  • Oil-filled 4x4 lift kit shock absorber
  • Colour: Yellow
  • 9 stages adjustable: easy driving on different road conditions
  • Cell Technology: compared with traditional gas type, more efficient to deduct the temperature and the oil bubble when driving; make the shock absorbers damp more stable to ensure safety driving
  • 18mm Piston Shaft Part: enhance the intensity of persistent
  • 60mm Tube Body
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